5 Reasons to Invest Your Money in Dubai Housing

The number of Dubai real estate investors is growing constantly, and lots of people all over the world have already evaluated multiple benefits of such a solution. In case you still have doubts about whether to buy real estate in Dubai is a win-win idea, we have some arguments in its favor. Let’s consider them in our overview of the most impacting reasons to invest in local housing.

#1 Dubai Real Estate Market Is the Symbol of Stability and Prosperity

Since the boost of the development and construction industry of Dubai in the late 60s, the city’s economy has constantly grown and remains an island of stability even in terms of the changing world. Dubai remains the oil capital of the Middle East along with other Emirates, and it tends to play an even bigger role in the world economy, while Russia is sanctioned and goes out of the race. Besides oil, the local government doesn’t put all the eggs in one basket and develops other industries and business niches. Thus, today Dubai is also one of the tourist top spots, it is a fashion capital along with Paris, New York, and Milan, and it is a center of hi-tech and innovations.

So, investing in Dubai real estate provides you with multiple opportunities and guarantees low risks.

#2 Taking Care of Your Future: Dubai Real Estate Investors Get Top Dollar Passive Income

Of course, investments in real estate are not as flexible and liquid as investments in stock exchange papers or crypto. Yet, if you do care about your cloudless future, it is one of the most reliable options. Due to the previous argument, the demand for housing in Dubai grows, and for Dubai real estate investors, it is the source of guaranteed passive income which rises its value with time. The main methods to manage your property to get top dollar are as follows:

  • Resale it after purchasing. As analysts say, on average, prices for newly commissioned off-plan units increase at least 20%. If you invest in luxury interiors, the margin value may increase even higher.
  • Short-time leasing is one of the best methods to guarantee income. Although it may require some effort from you, the income will be high. Tourists, business visitors, and people who come to Dubai for shopping, entertainment, or visiting the iconic Dubai Expo need to rent apartments. They pay high, especially for units in Dubai Downtown, Dubai Marina, or Business Bay.
  • Long-term leasing is also good for making money on your real estate in Dubai. Lots of IT pros, freelancers, and financial specialists come there for contract work, and their need for comfortable and high-class accommodation can be covered by your property.

#3 It’s an Investment in Your Children’s Future

Deciding to buy real estate in Dubai, you provide your kids with a brilliant future. Even if you do not manage your property to bring you income, relocation to Dubai opens wide perspectives for your children. The city provides one of the highest levels of education, lots of corporations have their headquarters in Dubai, and the economy of the city requires new employees to pay them high. Thus, by investing in Dubai housing to make it your residence, you provide your children with high-class future opportunities.

#4 Real Estate in Dubai Provides Investors With Golden Residence Visa

This reason can also impact your decision to buy real estate in Dubai. If you invest in housing more than $200,000, you can claim the residence permit and obtain it with no trouble. Today, local authorities offer 5 and 10-year visas to foreign investors. Moreover, your family also gets residential visas on that basis.

#5 It is a Risk-Free Investment Which Preserves Your Money and Multiplies It

Recent market trends show that Dubai property prices have grown in recent years. And the demand for local real estate remains high and will even increase. Thus, you can save a part of your investment portfolio and multiply it by buying real estate in Dubai. It is a risk-free solution.

So, when you understand why invest in Dubai real estate, it’s time to take a step towards it! Apply for Berstoun Real Estate services to pick the best housing offers in the market and the most attractive prices for them.

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