Benefits of Investments in Real Estate in Dubai for Offshore Investors

It is always a beneficial idea to invest in property in Dubai. Besides being trendy, such a solution provides investors with a bunch of undisputed benefits. Which are they? Our consultants defined the top 5 reasons to decide on investing in Dubai property. Pick them all and follow your goal to get the best investment experience with Berstoun Real Estate.

The First Reason: The Vibe of the World’s Business Capital

What makes Dubai a real must-see and for lots of people a true must-live-in spot? Its intense development led to unique results. The city is amazing because of its exceptional urban landscapes, a combination of business headquarters of the biggest companies, incredible shopping malls, cultural centers, one-of-the-kind architecture sites, and deluxe resorts. Its vibe provides you with the feeling of a deluxe and glamorous life, true richness, and high status. Dubai real estate investors experience the highest life quality levels ever because it is the place where big money is flowing.

The Second Reason: The Most Loyal Policy of Local Authorities for Offshore Investors

If you compare the opportunities for real estate investments in different countries, you can see that investing in Dubai property is the simplest process in the world’s market. The government is interested in offshore Dubai real estate investors and provides them with loyal rules. You can buy almost every kind of property in Dubai in freehold zones, apply for off-plan purchases, and even get a mortgage in Dubai banks if you need a lease. Besides, you can conclude a deal remotely, the UAE authorities approved this opportunity in 2020. And one more benefit of that kind is that in Dubai, there are no annual real estate taxes to pay!

The Third Reason: Obtaining a Residential Visa in the UAE for New Investors

One of the most decisive reasons to invest in Dubai real estate is the opportunity to get a permit for UAE residents. Those buyers who invest more than $200,000 in the local construction industry get residence approvals automatically for themselves and their families. And it takes only 2-3 months after the purchase to get visas. So, it’s a chance to become a member of an innovative and prosperous community for everyone, who is non-native to Dubai.

The Fourth Reason: High ROI of the Investment

Lots of investors appreciate the levels of ROI for Dubai property investments.

  • Typically, off-plan units can be sold after their commissioning for a 20% higher price.
  • If leasing your Dubai property, you can get 6-8% of extra income annually.
  • You do not have to pay taxes for your rental income.

This adds attractiveness to the idea of investing in real estate in Dubai.

The Fifth Reason: Diversity of Options for Investments and Prices

And one more reason to consider is the diversity of real estate options offered for sale. Here lots of development projects are launched each year and the diversity of property types meets the highest expectations. You can evaluate this reason when applying for our agency’s services as we offer the best properties in the market.

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