Selecting Among Deluxe Dubai Sites: Where to Buy Property? Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, or New Dubai?

Dubai is a true symbol of luxurious life. Its real estate market opens wide horizons for investors who want to get the most exclusive and, thus, profitable housing. We selected three of the best places to buy property in Dubai and offer you our short overview of them to help you invest money in luxury property in Dubai thoughtfully.
These three iconic areas are Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, and New Dubai. Let’s make a virtual trip to each of them.

Dubai Marina: Pros and Cons

The first thing which makes Dubai Marina a center of Dubai luxury apartments is its exceptional seascape. Most units in the area provide owners with incredible panoramic views, up-to-date amenities, and high-class infrastructure.

Dubai Marina is highly appreciated as a tourist spot, yet, for residents, it also suits them perfectly. You can make your luxury property in Dubai a great source of income if you select apartments or penthouses in Dubai Marina. Its real estate provides a high rental yield and remains in demand constantly. Besides its closure to the marina, Dubai Marina is a perfect place for young and active people due to its close location to most Dubai sites and amenities, long waterfront for calm walks or active sports, and great transportation.

The only flaw of this gem is a lack of middle-rise buildings and villas, as the area is mostly built up with residential towers.

Jumeirah: Benefits of Buying Luxury Property in This Area

Jumeirah is an iconic district which resembles luxury in its crystallized essence. This area provides its residents with a diverse range of advantages. Here you are welcome to enjoy the best beaches in Dubai, giant malls, and premium-class restaurants. The development of this district started in the 60s. The pivotal event which defined Jumeirah as a real quintessence of luxury was the decision of the UAE sheikh’s family to make this area their residence place.

The lion’s share of Jumeirah’s real estate is luxury villas. They provide owners with an opportunity to live in eco-friendly areas, close to beaches and at once, close to most infrastructural objects like schools, healthcare establishments, and entertainment venues. If you want to invest in luxury property in Dubai to get top dollar for its rental, Jumeirah’s villas are a win-win choice, as rental fees in this district are one of the highest in the metropolis.

New Dubai: What Makes It Attractive for Property Buyers

New Dubai is not actually a district. This name refers to multiple districts including the already mentioned Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and their neighborhoods. Yet, it is much more than just a waterfront part of the city. New Dubai resembles luxury apartments in Dubai, exclusive townhouses and villas, deluxe shopping spots, and beautiful beaches. New Dubai is a perfect place for people who love a glamorous lifestyle and want to be in the spotlight around the clock. Besides, it’s a real center of shopping tourism, so, leasing your Dubai luxury apartments in New Dubai is a prospective idea.

As you can see, all three areas we make you familiar with are truly attractive for investments. Yet, choosing which will be your #1 choice depends on your lifestyle and the goals you set for your real estate investment. When you are looking for a relaxing lifestyle with your family, Jumeirah’s villas are great for you. If you are going to lease your property, all three locations suit this goal. If you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, Dubai Marina is your best choice.

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