Checklist for Moving to the UAE and Dubai

Congrats if you successfully selected your real estate investment in Dubai and concluded a deal. As a new owner of a deluxe property, you have the right to apply for a Dubai residence permit and move to this incredible city.

Yet, before you start your happy life in the UAE, you need to pass some hard times in preparation. It is crucial to pick all the items you need and prepare documents which are a must to cross the border. What are they? Let’s follow a moving to Dubai checklist developed by Berstoun Real Estate pros!

Concerning Documents: What Do You Need to Prepare?

Documents are a cornerstone for legal living in the UAE. Which of them do you have to prepare?

  • Your ownership contracts, which prove that you invested more than $204,000 in Dubai real estate.
  • Your ID card and non-expired boarding pass with a residence visa stamp (take a tip: you can apply for supporting services to obtain a residence permit in Berstoun Real Estate).
  • Your UAE passport for expats, which is provided in a digital form after your visa permit is approved.
  • Your medical examination list.
  • Documents which confirm your profession, translated in English and notarized – if you want to start your career or do business in the Emirates.
  • Documents for all your family members who are relocating to Dubai with you.

Besides, you have to provide local authorities with the confirmation of your income, and it is better to open a bank account in Dubai banking institutions in advance. As a resident who obtained an investor’s visa, you are allowed to open bank accounts and get healthcare services, and educational services for your children. So, keeping your family's medical histories and school documents is also a must. With all these papers, you reduce troubles for the first time after moving to Dubai.

Moving to Dubai: What to Take With You?

The first and foremost thing you need is money. Just calculate some costs in advance to get a proper sum on your account. The main expense items you should consider are as follows:

  • Your new housing maintenance starts from $3,300 per year for communications, supplies, and maintenance.
  • Medical insurance costs for all family members, which are from $1,000 per family per month.
  • Additional insurance policies – from $100 per month.
  • Car rental services if you need a car – depending on your family's needs.
  • School and educational expenses for children – from $1,200 per month per 1 child.

Besides, you need to plan your family’s expenses on food, clothes, entertainment, etc.

As for belongings to take with you, you can reduce them and take only light wear for your family, fewer personal belongings and books. Prices for goods in Dubai malls are often lower than in European or US stores, and their diversity makes Dubai the capital of shopping. What you definitely should leave are drugs and medications because local laws provide strict penalties for keeping them. Better fill in your medical supplies after you get prescriptions from local doctors.

Some Tips for Expats to Relocate With Pets

Living in the UAE with pets is quite possible, but you have to prepare your fluffy for relocation. The first to-do thing is to apply for an Import Permit for Pets in MOEW. It can be submitted online on the Ministry’s official site. Then you have to pay fees and provide the following documents:

  • Your pet’s passport (Animal Book of Immunization);
  • Your UAE passport for expats’ copy or the copy of your UAE residence visa;
  • Vaccination list for your pet;
  • Copy of the pet’s blood test.

Ensure that your pet has an ID chip and apply for the official veterinary certificate. Do not forget also to clarify airlines’ rules for animal transportation to avoid trouble.

If you still have concerns about relocation to the UAE, you are welcome to apply for our help. We provide detailed consulting and support for all clients who bought real estate in Dubai with the mediating services of Berstoun.

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