Considering Costs: How Much Money You Need for Comfortable Living in Dubai

Dubai is a city of wide horizons, big perspectives, and intense money flow. This attracts expats to this destination, and this brings doubts and concerns at the same time. Is Dubai expensive? How much comfort do you need to live there? Our customers often ask these tremendous questions. Let’s unveil the secrets of Dubai's cost of living.

Is Dubai an Expensive City for Relocation?

Dubai is famous for its luxury vibes. Lots of people there live in high-class apartments, and numerous expensive villas are located along its coastline. Yet, if living there is costly, then, how are people brave enough to move there? The secret is simple. Dubai is not as expensive as it seems from other parts of the planet. Of course, the quality of life is high in the Emirates, and luxury amenities are more a rule than an exception. Yet, if you plan your budget thoroughly and mindfully, you can see that Dubai's cost of living is quite affordable. For this, you have to consider possible costs and calculate which money amount can maintain the level of comfort you are used to.

The Main Expense Items to Consider When Deciding to Move to Dubai

What expense items are worth your consideration before you relocate to Dubai? The main ones are as follows:

  • Costs for rental. This is a relevant expense item if you invest in off-plan housing and need to wait for the commissioning of the object to move in. On average, annual rental costs in Dubai start from 30,000 AED for studio apartments and the average rent in Dubai for 4-BR villas starts from 200,000 AED. The price depends on the location, so it is better to compare several offers in different districts to get the best price.
  • Transportation can take from you 350 AED monthly for a metro pass or regular expenses of 4 AED for a single bus ride. If you decide to buy a car, consider planning an extra 40,000-100,000 AED for a used car in good condition.
  • Do not forget about utilities like Internet connection plan, phone tariff, and home maintenance costs which result on average in 1,100+ AED monthly.
  • Insurance costs are a must as all expats are obliged to take healthcare insurance. If you move alone, consider insurance costs to start from 600 AED, and for a family of 4, it can take up to 17,000 AED for a basic medical insurance plan. Besides, it is better to apply for a comprehensive health plan to reduce costs on healthcare, as a single visit to a doctor not covered by your policy can bite your budget considerably.
  • Sports are commonly offered amenities for Dubai expats. If you want to continue your training, plan to spend at least 280 AED per month for gym membership for each family member.
  • Educational costs for your children will require you quite a big dollar as school costs start from 6,000 AED per month.

We do not add to this list expenses for groceries, water, entertainment, and leisure. They depend on your habits and lifestyle, yet the good news is that food and supplies are quite affordable in Dubai, and the average restaurant check for a person is only 250 AED.

So, summarizing the information, the price in Dubai for main life aspects is not low. But it is reasonable and depends much on your requirements. You should plan the monthly budget for a single person of at least 6,000 AED (app. 1,600 USD). For a couple, monthly costs start from 11,000 AED (app. 3,000 USD), and for a family, basic expenses start from 22,000 AED (app. 6,000 USD). Besides, it is reasonable to maintain a security blanket of at least 6,000 AED to feel safe and overcome any emergency.

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