Residential Property in Dubai at a Glance: Apartments, Villas, and Townhouses – What’s the Best?

What do you imagine when you think of Dubai? Probably, you see amazing skyscrapers and breathtaking modern-style constructions before your sight. Yet, not all the cosmopolitan population of this city lives in residential towers. At once, traditional housing is not dominating there either. If you have an intention to invest money in Dubai real estate, let’s discover which residential property types are offered in this metropolis.

An Overview of Property Types Available for Sale in Dubai

Dubai’s residential property is quite diverse. Starting from traditional Arabian housings of the Al Farhidi district to the newest residential towers of Dubai Marina or Business Bay. Yet, if in the olden days, Dubai residents preferred quite special housing layouts with closely built homes and special wind towers which played the role of an AC, today most types of property are quite modern, and they surprise their future owners with new-gen architecture, innovative layouts, and the maximum comfort you have ever imagined.

The following types of houses in the UAE are available for new settlers:

  • Studios and apartments of different sizes.
  • Duplexes.
  • Townhouses.
  • Villas.

Now let’s talk about each type of property in some more detail.

Apartments and Studios

Apartments are the most common choice for real estate purchases in Dubai. An intense hi-raise and middle-raise construction in recent decades provided newcomers with a diverse range of options as follows:

  • Single-room flats, aka studios – are a good idea for further short-time rentals. Due to the location of most of these units in the downtown and tourist spots, they are attractive for investments. You may also appreciate that type of property if you are single, working in Dubai or being a freelancer. They are quite affordable to buy and maintain.
  • 1-3 bedroom apartments are good for families or owners who appreciate more room. Typically, these units are represented in all the districts of Dubai.
  • Penthouses are the most luxurious option among apartment properties. They offer typically more space than standard units and their spectacular views are unforgettable. Besides, most penthouses, especially located in Business Bay, Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina, provide their residents with deluxe amenities i.e., concierge services, personal pools, gyms, or private elevators.

Townhouses and Duplexes

If you prefer more space than a single-floor apartment can offer, duplexes and townhouses are the best choice. They are less costly than villas, besides, you can find some offers to buy them in almost every district of the city. Yet, do not forget that in a townhouse or duplex, you have small and shared outdoor space and shared walls with your neighbors.


The most luxurious among all types of property in Dubai are villas. They provide you with the highest levels of privacy and comfort being spacious, separated from other housing, and often surrounded by a lawn or a garden.

Besides, in Dubai, you are welcome to find a villa for sale even for a moderate budget. The main types of villas offered here are as follows:

  • Standalone villas are standard housings with 2 or more bedrooms. They are the best for families with small children, people who prefer privacy and silence, and residents for whom living on the ground levels is crucial.
  • Semi-detached villas more resemble townhouses as they have one common wall one with another.
  • Full-fledged mansions can be found in high-end neighborhoods, and they offer the maximum space, total privacy, and often deluxe amenities. Yet, their maintenance is quite costly and their price is high enough.

We hope that this guide may help you to decide on the best option among the types of houses in the UAE, while Berstoun Real Estate agency will select for you the most suitable offers in a chosen type.

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