Discovering the Best Districts in Dubai: Where to Settle or Invest?

Dubai seems to be a real gem of the Middle East with its luxury and new-gen buildings. Yet, like in every city all over the world, it has multiple districts and not all of them are worth your consideration when you decide to buy property in Dubai, especially if you are a foreigner and do not know the specifics of local neighborhoods. Let’s clarify the most tremendous question of future investors and decide where is the best place to invest in Dubai.

Overlooking the City Map: Which Districts Are the Best for Settling and Investing In

Dubai’s map consists of 14 districts. Some of them are luxurious and remain hot spots for tourists, while others may disappoint you with their poverty and untidy sites. So, better follow our short guide to choosing the best neighborhood in Dubai for your investment goals.

1. Business Bay fully complies with its name. It’s the center of business life of the city and the whole emirate. Here are several residential towers which offer high-class apartments for sale. Besides, the location of the district in the heart of the city near the Dubai water canal makes this district a real godsend for appreciators of spectacular views and beautiful cityscapes. Thus, if you are looking for an apartment or a studio with an easy reach out to the main business spots, the Business Bay district is your #1 choice of the best property to invest in Dubai.

2. Dubai Marina is one more district you should consider for your property-buying goals. It is quieter and calmer than Business Bay, so owning a unit in one of its residential towers or buying a luxurious villa may provide you with an exceptional experience of calm and tranquil lifestyle with spectacular sites of the bay, and multiple amenities, which suits almost every settler. Besides, if you own a yacht, Dubai Marina is your choice as you may find lots of like-minded people in the local Dubai Marina Yacht Club community.

3. Jumeirah Village is a win-win choice for families and appreciators of calm and friendly communities. Here you can choose from a diverse range of property options like units in mid-rise residential housing, townhouses, and deluxe villas. The district is famous for its vast green areas, which make it a perfect place for families with children and older people.

4. If you prefer the more dynamic way of life and want to be in the spotlight, then the best property to buy in Dubai for you is located in Downtown Dubai. You may appreciate the profitable location in the center of the metropolis, the iconic towers which are the symbols of Dubai, and the intensive rhythm of life Downtown Dubai offers to its inhabitants. It’s a perfect spot for business owners and employees of the biggest companies, whose headquarters are located in the district. Besides, it’s the most in-demand rental spot, which makes property in Downtown Dubai a profitable investment.

5. One of the most popular man-made peninsulas worldwide is the unique district of Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, which truly resembles a palm. It is almost surrounded by water, and it provides settlers with a diverse range of property types including studios, apartments, townhouses, duplexes, and villas. Imagine, that you live all year round in a luxury resort. That is what Palm Jumeirah is in its essence.

6. International City is the place where offshore property buyers won’t feel like strangers. It’s a district with numerous communities named after various countries like England, China, Persia, and Italy. So, for newcomers who decide to relocate to the UAE, it’s one of the comfort places in Dubai. Moderate pricing for real estate is also a reason to call it one of the best places to invest in Dubai.

7. And one more option for your consideration is the district called Arabian Ranches. It’s a rural yet newly built neighborhood with lots of spacious property units. Besides, it is one of the most family-friendly areas in the city. So, if you are looking for the best property to buy in Dubai for family settlement, it’s bingo!

When choosing a property to buy in Dubai, consider its location first. Berstoun Real Estate agency will take all the rest to provide you with the most attractive offers to invest in.

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