What to Know About Dubai: Hot Spots, Must-Sees, and Infrastructure for Settlers and Guests

Dubai is one of the most in-demand tourist spots. It provides visitors with an incredible experience, and its cosmopolitan vibes combine Arabian traditions and top-notch trends. If you decide to invest in Dubai real estate, or you already concluded a deal and now wait for your residential visa to be approved, it’s time to explore the city and find out the best must-visit places in Dubai.

We offer you to follow our small guide so as not to miss the best Dubai sightseeing during your visit.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Dubai is, no doubt, the world’s shopping capital. This city hosts numerous luxury boutiques, showrooms, and stores of world-famous brands. Thus, when planning your route across Dubai, do not neglect an opportunity to visit one of its fabulous malls and shopping areas which are as follows:

  • The Dubai Mall is one of the biggest worldwide.
  • Mall of the Emirates amazes with its glamor and diverse shopping and food options.
  • Global Village is a quintessence of a real Eastern bazaar in modern decorations.

These three are truly among the places to visit in Dubai, and they provide visitors with exceptional choice of goods, democratic pricing, and the vibe of Arabian culture at once.

The Best Architecture Sites and Cityscapes to Enjoy

Dubai's architecture is a phenomenon. Due to the engagement of such world-appreciated architects like John R. Harris and Zaha Hadid, the city landscape obtained unbelievable features. If you want to feel the heart of Dubai, just visit these sites to get the most intense impressions:

  • Dubai Frame is one of the most iconic landmarks of the city and, besides, a museum which embodies Dubai’s past, present, and future.
  • Dubai Miracle Garden speaks for itself. It is a true miracle in the heart of the desert which includes rare and unique green zones, species, and pieces of landscape design which have no analogs anywhere else.
  • Burj Khalifa is probably a real symbol of Dubai. Just do not miss an opportunity to meet the sunrise at level 124 standing at its floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass walls.
  • Ain Dubai is one more Dubai sightseeing with no analogs around the world. It’s the biggest observation wheel which stands on Bluewater Island and provides people with astonishing sea views and city panoramas.
  • Burj Al Arab is also among the most popular places to visit in Dubai. This vessel-like hotel tower stands on a man-made island and provides visitors with an understanding of what true luxury and wealth are.

Cultural Heritage: Which Dubai Tourist Places Help to Understand Local Culture

Besides being a shopping and glamorous lifestyle spot, Dubai is also a cradle of the culture of the region. Its cultural heritage and up-to-date culture centers offer one of the biggest expositions of the world’s best artists, sculptors, craftsmen, and performers. The best Dubai tourist places to get its cultural spirit are as follows:

  • The Museum of the Future is a futuristic architecture place where the ideas of what humanity's future will look like are exposed.
  • The Dubai Museum is located in the small but ancient Al Fahidi Fort, which was the predecessor of today’s Dubai and now shows its history and traditions.
  • Infinity Des Lumieres art gallery is the biggest art center in the city, which unites art pieces with cutting-edge technologies.

Beaches and Resorts: Which Are a Must-Visit?

Dubai’s location leaves no chance for visitors to pass by its resorts. The best beaches and SPAs are located at Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Village and Dubai Marina. The most spectacular and comfortable among them are Sunset Beach, JBR Beach, Umm Suqeim Beach, and Kite Beach. Yet, almost every coastal area has lots of deluxe beach amenities to visit.

Dubai is a fabulous place. Its beauty and glam are often surprising even for locals who have lived there for decades. It is a true Mid-Eastern gem which encloses the power of human intelligence, ancient traditions, modern architecture and culture, and which remains a fairy tale even through years of living there. Enjoy it and make sure that Dubai is a perfect place to live and do business in.

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