Dubai's Climate: How to Find the Most Comfortable Housing Area

Dubai remains a real godsend for expats who want to start their new lives and gain the highest life quality. It offers diverse opportunities to almost every stratum from business owners and international corporations’ CEOs to labor migrants. Yet, in this golden spot, there is a doubtful thing which makes lots of investors and expats hesitate whether moving to Dubai is a good idea. That’s the local climate. Let’s consider what to expect from Dubai’s weather all year round, and what is the best residential area in Dubai in terms of climatic peculiarities.

Dubai’s climate is subtropical, with two main seasons – summer, which starts in the last week of April, and winter, which lasts from December to late March. The most attractive thing for new residents is that Dubai has 345 sunny days per year, and even in winter, its daily temperature rarely falls below +25 C (app. 77 F). At the same time, sea waters in Dubai remain warm all year round, which is also beneficial for locals who prefer to visit beaches regularly.

Yet, there is a fly in the ointment. Although Dubai is a metropolis with developed green zones and lots of parks, it is located in a desert area which experiences regular desert sandstorms and extra hot temperatures in summer when some days can provide you with +35-+40 C in the afternoon (app. 95-105 F). Extra humidity also spoils the impression as in summer, it can reach 90%.

Yet, can it be a true roadblock on your way to move to Dubai and select the best residential area in Dubai? Surely, no!

Let’s consider where to live in Dubai to reduce discomfort from its summer hot.

The Best Places to Live in Dubai for Families

If you are moving to Dubai with your family, you probably need more space to feel comfort. Besides, it is a must to select housing near green zones. Proximity to the sea and beach zones is also a must. When you live in an area with all these features, even the hottest month can be spent in comfort.

The best places to live in Dubai with all these features are as follows:

  • Dubai Marina;
  • Palm Jumeirah;
  • Arabian Ranches;
  • Emirates Hills.

All these districts and neighborhoods are comfortable for family residence, and in them, diverse types of properties are offered, including luxury villas and high-end townhouses.

Dubai Best Residential Area for Business Owners: Is the Climate Significant?

If you decide to do business in Dubai, previous destinations may not suit you due to transportation. If most of your life goes on office or business trips, the best places to live in Dubai for you are as follows:

  • Business Bay;
  • Downtown Dubai;
  • Dubai Marina;
  • Al Barsha.

These districts form the business center of the city, and they are characterized by high-end infrastructure, deluxe residential units, and exclusive amenities. What about climate, then? You won’t even notice hot days as 100% of high-class housing as well as business centers, restaurants, malls, and entertainment spots are equipped with ACs and a comfortable environment is maintained in them around the clock.

Who Has Contraindications to Live in Dubai’s Climate

There are a few issues when the climate of Dubai can be harmful to expats. As usual, these are issues of chronic heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory diseases which escalate in sandstorms. Yet, there are some tips which can help you overcome these contraindications and make Dubai the best residential area for you:

  • Choose real estate in the proximity to beach zones and parks.
  • Decide on your vacations to spend them in the summer months somewhere outside Dubai.
  • Get in touch with local healthcare institutions: Dubai's healthcare industry is one of the most advanced and effective worldwide, so you will be under reliable guidance and protection.

Summarizing all that we said. Dubai is a place of eternal summer, yet, in calendar summer months, it can be extra hot, sandy, and humid to live there. The city offers convenient residential districts with green parks, beaches, and totally conditioned buildings which eases the lifestyle in its climate conditions. So, it is not worth hesitating whether moving to Dubai is good. It is definitely the best idea!

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