Which Documents Are Necessary for Purchasing Real Estate in Dubai

The property purchasing deal starts with documents. That’s a must when you are buying a property in Dubai. To help investors pass this stage trouble-free, Berstoun Real Estate provides them with a guide on which documents are required, and what they are. Let’s get into detail about it in our article.

The Ultimate List of Documents to Buy Real Estate in Dubai

There are special documents which provide you with full-fledged ownership of the property in Dubai. These are as follows:

  • A title deed of Dubai, which is a document provided after the completion of a purchase. An original title deed is the evidence of your ownership. Based on it, you acquire rights to dispose of your property, use it, lease it, or sell it. It is sealed by the Deeds Registry Office and contains information about the property, the owner’s personal information, and other details of the agreement.
  • A No-Objection certificate from a former owner or a government agency. NOC guarantees that purchased property has no legal concerns, it is free of debts and unpaid balances.
  • Your original ID, border pass with the UAE visa, and Emirates ID provided to residents. These docs are required from a seller and a buyer both.
  • Form F signed by a buyer and a seller at a Registration Trustee’s Office in the evidence of a mediator (your real estate agent can be the evidence). Form F is also known as the MOU (the Memorandum of Understanding) and it contains the main terms and conditions of the deal. Along with MOU, a buyer deposits 10% of the property’s price in a Registration Trustee’s Office. This deposit will be returned after the total completion of the payment.

If you need to prepare a title deed in Dubai, get residential permits and ensure that all documents are developed tip-top, the help of our agency will be indispensable.

Property Transfer Procedure: How Is It Held

Now it’s time to clarify how to buy properties in Dubai, and where the deal is concluded. A property transfer procedure in Dubai consists of the following steps:

1. Preparing documents.

2. Obtaining approval from the Dubai Land Department.

3. Fee payments.

4. Submitting the documents in the presence of a mediator.

5. Obtaining an original title deed.

6. Utility connections transferring to a new owner.

On average, the procedure takes 30 days from the moment when you sign the Agreement of Sale with a buyer.

The Main Fees to Pay When Buying a Property in Dubai

Dubai's authorities do not provide annual fees and taxes for property owners. But at the moment of buying a property in Dubai, a couple of fees are required to be paid.

  • The transfer fee of 4% of the property’s price, which is paid to the Dubai Land Department.
  • An NOC fee is often required by a bank if the mortgage pays the property.
  • A Registration Trustee fee is required if buying an off-plan property.

Besides, there are fees provided by real estate agents. If you want to avoid any hidden commission and pay a fair fee to a real estate agency, Berstoun provides you with such an opportunity.

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