What Impacts the Price? A Review on Dubai Real Estate Pricing

Dubai's real estate market remains one of the most promising ones worldwide. It develops dynamically and offers a wide range of housing options to invest in. Yet, if you compare Dubai property prices, you may be surprised by their dispersion, as the same number of square feet of property can cost you quite a large amount. Why do property prices in Dubai remain versatile? We have some arguments to answer this question.

The Main Factors to Consider When Calculating Dubai Property Prices

Trying to get the most attractive property price in Dubai, do not forget to consider a couple of features, which are critical for your ultimate investment decision. They are also significant for price formation. Which are they? - Location of the property. Dubai consists of 14 districts, and even within a certain neighborhood, a property price in Dubai can vary. The most promising areas in the metropolis are Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Dubai Marina. Here prices may be higher than in surrounding districts, yet, they promise to be even higher from a long-lasting perspective.

  • Determining the price, do not forget to consider the type of property. Studios and condominium units are always cheaper than penthouses and villas, even if their space is quite similar. The price is highly dependent on the property type, and for higher privacy and exclusive amenities, offered by villas and high-end penthouses, you have to pay top dollar.
  • The age of property also matters. Older housing is cheaper due to its architectural imperfection and the level of wear. Outdated infrastructure and amenities also reduce the price. Of course, newly built constructions with innovative technologies and exclusive designs are more expensive.
  • The condition of the property is one more feature to consider if you decide to buy a secondary housing unit. If the property is maintained well, it doesn’t require renovation or repair, it will reasonably cost more.
  • Availability of amenities and additional features is what ultimately increases the UAE property prices. You should agree that housing with the author’s interior design, deluxe furnishing, equipped with high-end appliances and luxury amenities like a swimming pool, lawns, barbecue zones, and terraces is reasonably more costly than the unit with minimal amenities available.

Resulting All These Arguments

When you decide whether the property price in Dubai is reasonable, you should consider where it is located first. The most promising districts offer higher prices, yet, their life quality levels are also high. Then, the type and condition of property play their roles in pricing formation. And one more thing to mention. When you buy real estate in Dubai, you have to evaluate not only its price but the costs of its maintenance. Sometimes, cheaper units may become a hole in your budget due to high maintenance costs, while more costly housing will result in your budget’s savings.

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