Making Business on Real Estate in Dubai: How to Get Passive Income With Ease

Investments in real estate always possess doubts in owners. What to do with a newly bought property? How to manage it to make it profitable? How to make money? And, besides, how to start a real estate business in Dubai?
There are multiple answers to these questions as they depend much on your goals, skills, and nature. In Berstoun Real Estate, we comprehended the basics for investors in Dubai housing to show the most obvious ways of profit.

The Best Ideas for Homeowners: How to Start Real Estate Business in Dubai

When you get some property in Dubai to own it, what would you do? If you work in other parts of the world, and you do not intend to relocate to Dubai, this property can become a heavy burden on your shoulders. What can you do with it then?

  • Lease it! Rental business is one of the most profitable niches. If you have multiple units, it becomes even more profitable. If you own property in Dubai Downtown, Palm Jumeirah, or Jumeirah Village Circle, then you are a lucky one! These districts are in high demand, and their rental rates are sky-high.
  • Resell it. That’s a real deal for off-plan investors, as typically, the price of the released object increases by 20%.

In any case, it is better to operate your property than leave it lazying because of high maintenance costs. Besides, you do not have to pay taxes and fees either for your property ownership in Dubai or for your rental/reselling business, which makes it truly profitable.

Being a Real Estate Agent in Dubai: What Is a Must?

If you successfully obtained the resident’s visa, and now you are a full-fledged resident of Dubai, you can easily start your business in the field of real estate. No need to say that the pillars of Dubai’s economy are oil, tourism, hi-tech, and real estate & development. Probably, being a part of this unity is a must for you?

How to become a real estate agent in Dubai and gain success? No secrets are hidden, just follow the main tips!

  • Start with language skills. In Dubai, 100% of foreign investors are obliged to hire real estate agents to support their deals. Moreover, all contracts and agreements are signed in English and Arabic. So, being skilled in these languages is a must for you.
  • Investigate the city. If you are just a theoretician, it’s a loss. You need to know in detail what features of each district are crucial to mention to attract clients, and how to match their expectations with realities. If you have your own opinion on each freehold zone, you know the landscape and city plans, and you can easily indicate which infrastructure and amenities are available in each area, you can maintain a high level of your real estate agent services.
  • Do not stop learning. New law peculiarities, new rules, and new developments need your inspection and comprehension. If you stop – you lose.
  • Get in touch with the most reputable developers. You need to sell high-level units and objects to get a higher commission. Do you know that Dubai developers pay real estate consultants for their intermediate help? Then, finding solvent counterparties with attractive offers is a must, too.
  • Wear your customer’s shoes to understand their needs. Do not use standard algorithms. The more unique and deep is your approach to each customer’s request, the better results you have.
  • Engage all the channels of communication, even word of mouth, to develop a strong reputation and reach out to the clientele.
  • Often, you need to go above and beyond. That’s natural, and that’s what is real estate business in Dubai.

If you follow these tips, success may follow your career path. Besides, you can look for current job offers in Berstoun Real Estate. Probably, it is you, whom we are looking for.

In any case, the real estate business in Dubai is one of the most streamlined niches which you can come into without being a native or obtaining a high education. Just try your chance, and that’s what can upscale your life to a brand-new level.

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