What’s Better to Buy in Dubai: Resale Property or Primarily Real Estate?

Dubai is one of the most intensively developing metropolises around the world. It acquired popularity as a real estate investment spot due to its high levels of life quality, premium-class amenities, and diversity of real estate property for sale which is available for reasonably affordable prices.

Like in every city worldwide, the real estate market in Dubai has both primarily units and secondary housings for sale. For a foreigner, it can be quite difficult to decide on what is better to invest in off-plan properties or resale housing. Let’s consider the pros and cons of each option to help you make the best decision!

Primarily Property Market: What Benefits It Offers to Investors?

Dubai is a true center of hi-rise construction, and residential towers are mushrooming in this city. That makes off-plan Dubai properties attractive for buyers due to multiple benefits:

  • The widest choice of units ever. In Dubai, you can choose the property which matches your expectations the best. The market is full of offers to buy studios, 1-6 BR apartments, deluxe townhouses, designer duplexes, and exclusive villas, which sometimes resemble celebs’ mansions.
  • Newly built housings are technologically advanced, and this provides owners with higher comfort levels.
  • Most off-plan properties in Dubai are energy-efficient, which meets the sustainable way of life.
  • Pricing for off-plan units is lower than for secondary real estate of the same space and levels.
  • Most developers offer flexible payment plans and provide investors with discounts and privileges.
  • ROI levels for off-plan Dubai investments are high, and it results either in good rental income or in resale opportunities 20% higher than preliminary investment rates.

Of course, buying real estate off-plan also has some alerts you should understand in advance. These are possible delays of commissioning of an off-plan object and the need to wait long before you move to your newly bought property, which can be crucial for the decision to buy it.

Dubai Secondary Real Estate Market: What to Expect from It

The main reason why investors decide on buying secondary properties in Dubai is that such units already prove their reliability, and you can move to them instantly. Besides, the real estate secondary market in Dubai features the following benefits:

  • As usual, secondary housing is cheaper than newly commissioned apartments and studios.
  • You can evaluate each offer instantly before you buy it.
  • Most units offered on the secondary market are located in areas with well-developed infrastructure.

Yet, some drawbacks exist, and it is better to consider them too. First, secondary properties often require renovation due to wear in engineering communications and expired interior finishing. Then, it is typically not energy-efficient, and costs for maintenance can be high. Besides, it is not a good idea to buy property in districts of Old Dubai, where architecture refers more to traditional Arabian and lacks new technologies.

If you decide to buy property in Dubai, it is better to take a couple of steps which may be decisive:

  • Consider your goals and timelines: is it crucial for you to move to new apartments or villas momentarily, do you want to live in the newly bought property, or do you want to lease it?
  • Get in touch with a real estate expert. It is a must for secondary real estate and good for off-plan property choices.
  • Evaluate prices: which property fits your budget and payment plans?

In any case, you should be sure that Berstoun Real Estate is at your side. We can help you to invest in Dubai real estate in a risk-free mode with maximum profitability.

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