The Main Tips How to Find a Perfect Match: Berstoun Real Estate Experts Share Their Expertise on How to Select the Best Real Estate Offer

Dubai housing is constantly at the top of the real estate interests of foreign investors. Buyers appreciate Dubai’s exclusive architecture, its outstanding vibes, and the amenities offered by this city. If you are among people who have an idea to buy a residential property in Dubai, the main thing to start with is which house would you choose to get a real dream house for you and your family.

With the help of this article, you can make the right choice easy and decide how to pick a house in Dubai with the best combination of features, significant for you.

5 Things Which Can Help You to Decide What Is a Good Offer on a House

We selected 5 main things which are a must to consider crystallizing the image of your perfect Dubai housing and get the best offer for its purchase.

1. Decide on your needs. Which are they? Do you want to spend most time indoors and need more privacy than ever? Do you have children or pets whose comfort is meaningful to you? Even such a thing as claustrophobia or fear of heights is decisive on the property you are going to buy. Besides, you need to evaluate the minimal number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require for comfortable living, the availability of a terrace or a balcony, the size of the kitchen which fits your comfort, etc.

2. After you clarify your needs for comfort, it’s time to decide on the type of housing which will suit you the best. Dubai house offers are diverse, and they include various apartments in high-rise and mid-rise buildings, townhouses, duplexes, and villas. Apartments are good for people who spend more time in offices or outdoors, they start from studios up to 6+ BR units. So, it is possible to pick a house even for a big family among them. Townhouses and duplexes provide higher privacy than apartments, yet, they still share some parts of the house with neighboring households. Villas are standalone houses, often with a big garden or park zone included in the ownership. These are the most deluxe options, often located in recreation beach zones and calm neighborhoods. In case you want the highest luxury but in terms of residence towers, penthouses are what you are looking for.

3. Decide on the district to settle in. Dubai offers 50 neighborhoods where foreign buyers are welcome. Some of them better suit businessmen and specialists who work in hi-tech or fintech. Others are perfect for families and older couples who appreciate relaxing vibes and silence. If you want to get more info about which district suits you most, we have several articles in our blog devoted to Dubai’s districts, and the best idea is to ask your real estate consultant to select the best directions for you. In Berstoun, we gladly provide clients with this service.

4. Evaluate developers and their offers to decide what is a good offer on a house. Inspect their delivery times if you buy off-plan property, and check for other investors’ reviews to clarify who is worth your attention and thus, your money.

5. At last, it’s time to consider prices. Of course, there are lots of quite democratic offers in the real estate market. But if you want to get the maximum profit from your investment, including such a precious benefit as the UAE residence permit for you and your family, it is better to plan a higher budget. It may cost you less as a result, than spending less on property and then facing extra expenses to get approvals and permits to use it legally. According to the UAE laws, you obtain a residence permit for 2 years when you invest in property $204,000+, and for a purchase over $544,500, you get residential visas for all your family for 10 years. Thus, higher pricing is not always bad for your property purchasing goals.

The last idea on how to pick a house of your dreams in Dubai is to apply for Berstoun Real Estate services. With us, you can be sure that you find the best offer quickly and trouble-free.

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