Specifics of Middle Eastern Lifestyle: Tips and Facts for Those Who Decide to Buy Property

Although Dubai features a unique population rate with only 11-21% of natives and over 80% of expats, it remains a citadel of Middle Eastern culture and embodies the Arabian mindset. That makes living and visiting this city a bit tricky and requires the settler to understand local community rules and respect its traditions. Let’s discover how to buy a property in Dubai and follow its social rules.

Cultural Traditions in Dubai

The main thing you should understand about Dubai before owning property in Dubai is that it is a secular state with deep respect for Islam. This impacts the whole lifestyle in the city and requires foreign expats to respect local traditions. The main features of the local lifestyle are as follows:

  • High levels of hospitality are essential for Dubai residents.
  • Muslim praying traditions are common, and you need to get used to a 5-time-a-day call for prayer on the streets.
  • Ramadan is a sacred month in local culture, and during it, expats are recommended to avoid eating or drinking in public places.

The local dress code requires avoiding too short clothes for women. Besides, it is beneficial for coping with Dubai’s climate to wear loose, light clothes which cover arms and legs.

  • Muslim tradition requires all residents to take food or drinks with their right hand only. By using the left hand, you disrespect society.
  • Taking off your shoes when you enter the room is a must.

These are core traditions which should be followed by you even if you adhere to another religion.

A List of Prohibitions: What Can Ban You From Local Community

In Dubai, even if you invest top dollar in the local economy, maintaining some special rules is also dramatically important. The main prohibitions which are peculiar to the city are as follows:

  • In Dubai, drinking alcohol outside special places is a sin. Although expats are allowed to buy and consume alcohol, they must drink it at home, in a hotel room, or in restaurants where alcohol is allowed.
  • Drunk driving is among the most serious crimes in Dubai. Local traffic is strictly regulated, and you can get considerable penalties for speeding or even for using your cell phone while driving a car.
  • Drugs are strictly banned in Dubai and keeping them can lead to imprisonment. Drug trafficking can lead to lifetime imprisonment.
  • Dubai locals do not welcome emotional expressions in public. The maximum you can do for your loved one is to hold their hand. No kisses, hugs, or more intimate actions are allowed.
  • In Dubai, extramarital relations are condemned. Even staying in the same room in a hotel for two people of different sexes who are not married is prohibited.

Most of these prohibitions adhere to Muslim traditions, so even though Dubai allows expats to follow their religion, respect for these rules is a must.

Risks of Buying Property in Dubai

As you can see, although Dubai welcomes expats from all over the world, in its essence, it is a city of strong cultural and religious traditions. So, the main risks of buying property in Dubai are as follows:

  • Selecting the areas where natives are dominating. This requires from new settlers to investigate the traditional Arabian lifestyle and follow it flawlessly. In another case, you can be boycotted by locals and banned from the local community. How to avoid this risk? Just apply for consulting services by experienced real estate agents. They can help you select the neighborhood where a cosmopolitan lifestyle is dominating.
  • Getting in touch with frauds. Eastern mindset is willy and a bit tricky. Thus, it is better to get a mediator who knows properly how to negotiate and conclude real estate deals with local developers to prevent you from being tricked.

Both these risks can be avoided if you learn about the local culture a bit more and get services from Berstoun Real Estate agency to buy property in Dubai with success.

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