Preparing for Purchase: What Should Be Done in Advance to Buy Housing in Dubai

The request for how to buy property in Dubai has been on the top of Google searches for more than a decade. This city offers the best perspectives for real estate buyers including the highest level of life quality in Dubai, loyal pricing for offshore investors, an opportunity to obtain residential permits for property buyers, and of course, the city’s unbelievable beauty.

Yet, what should an investor who is purchasing property in Dubai should know and do in advance? Let’s consider the basic information for future investors and get a small to-do checklist which can ease the Dubai property buying process for you.

For Your Consideration: How to Buy Property in Dubai

The UAE government provides loyal and flexible rules for foreign investors in Dubai's real estate sector. These rules are as follows:

  • Foreigners can buy property in Dubai based on two forms of ownership. The first is on a leasehold basis when a buyer gets ownership only for construction, not owning a land plot. The second is permanent full ownership, which allows a buyer to get both a building and a land plot and provides access to obtaining a residential visa. In Berstoun, we offer the last option to our clients.
  • Not all locations in Dubai are open to foreign investors. Today, the city has 50 freehold zones where foreigners can buy property. This rule has an exception: citizens of Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, Qatar, and Kuwait can buy property in any location in Dubai.
  • Foreigners can buy real estate in Dubai both from development companies (including off-plan property) and individuals.

In general, the Dubai property buying process is not very complex. Especially if you get in touch with a good real estate agency to make it streamlined and hassle-free. Which steps a future owner also performs? Let’s consider.

Three Steps to Take in Advance to Buy Property in Dubai With No Hassle

1. Select the property to buy. Here is good news for offshore buyers, since 2020, you can select and buy Dubai housing online. There is no more need to visit it personally and the whole process of buying property in Dubai can be performed remotely.

2. Prepare documents. You need to provide the following documents to conclude a deal:

  • Your boarding pass,
  • Visa permit,
  • Your Dubai residence confirming document,
  • Contract F and NOS or Initial Contract of Sale (for off-plan units).

All these papers can be prepared quickly and accurately with the help of Berstoun Real Estate specialists.

3. Submitting Contract F/NOS/Initial Contract for Sale. They are signed in English and Arabic. After you sign these papers, you have to provide payment in the form and amount agreed with a seller or developer.

By taking these three steps, you become an owner of a prospective investment which can bring you income or become your most comfortable residence place. Berstoun Real Estate can help you pass all these steps with ease and make the most profitable deal.

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