A Step-By-Step Guide How to Select the Best Property to Invest in Dubai

Dubai is a real Mid-Eastern fairy tale. This city just in a couple of decades transformed from a classy Arabian old-fashioned city to one of the world’s business and cultural capitals and a wanna-live-in metropolis for millions of people. Its impressive skylines and advanced architecture create a unique combination of Eastern wealth and new-gen technologies implemented in Dubai real estate.

Yet, when you decide on property investment in Dubai, you need to select the housing properly so as not to stay disappointed and lose money. How to make such a decision? Here are 5 basic steps you should take towards your successful choice.

Step #1: Consider What Do You Want from Investing in Real Estate in Dubai

Lots of people want to relocate to Dubai and live there permanently. Yet, if you consider investing in Dubai property without relocating there, your choices of property may vary. When you want to buy a unit for your residence, you should focus on your needs and requirements foremost: how much space do you need, how many bedrooms do you require, and which amenities should be available in your residence place? When you decide on Dubai investment in real estate for further making money on it, the questions may be different. In this case, it is better to evaluate current rental or resale rates for each unit and area. Besides, you should consider which property type will be more profitable to get faster and higher ROI

Step #2: Decide on Property Type and Flooring

Dubai's investment opportunities are diverse. They include modern single-space studios, multi-bedroom apartments, separate townhouses, duplex complexes, and even luxurious villas. You need to clarify to yourself which type of property and flooring meets your needs. For singles and childless couples, a studio can be great, while bigger families need space and thus, 2-4-BR units may be better for their comfort. Also, it is good to consider additional features of the unit’s layout: flooring, availability of luxury amenities like floor pools or gyms, availability of a balcony or a terrace in a residential tower or a garden and outdoor zones for duplexes or villas. Of course, the availability of extra amenities adds costs, but they also provide additional comfort.

Step #3: Consider Location Which Fits You the Most

Dubai is a real metropolis with multiple areas included in its layout. Typically, it is divided into Old Dubai and New Dubai. Old city is a cradle of local culture, but it is inhabited mostly by locals too. New Dubai includes newly-built districts, numerous artificial islands and peninsulas, exclusive real estate offers and numerous off-plan housing. Most foreign investors prefer to choose New Dubai investment opportunities due to the cosmopolitan vibe of this part of the city.

Step #4: Evaluate Your Budget

Budgeting is typically a cornerstone for real estate investments. Prices for properties in Dubai vary even in terms of a district, so, it is better to consider your maximal budget in advance, and then select housing and properties which fit it in a chosen district.

Step #5: Get Help from a Reliable Real Estate Agency

When you create a clear vision of your further property investment in Dubai, it’s time to get professional help. For foreign buyers, applying for the services of a reliable real estate agency is twice as beneficial as it helps to avoid multiple pitfalls and get the best offers in the market. Thus, Berstoun Real Estate Agency can become your reliable ally in your strive to invest in Dubai real estate with maximum efficiency, and we will be glad to provide you with top-notch services in this niche.

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