Trends and Forecasts: What May Happen to Dubai Real Estate Market in Recent Years

As an investor, you may be interested in the market fluctuations, which can impact your income and your investments’ perspectives. Even in terms of such a long-lasting investment as residential property, this is quite natural. Moreover, despite the Dubai real estate market constantly growing and now in its prime, getting Dubai real estate forecast timely may be profitable for you. Let’s check some trends and decide will property prices fall in Dubai or shall you expect them to rise.

Common Trends and Current Market Outlook

Making business on investments in Dubai residential property is trendy. For more than a decade, the investment attractiveness of the niche has constantly grown. The main reasons for this are as follows:

  • Lots of prospective development projects which were launched or will be launched recently.
  • Constantly growing demand for high-end housing among people from all over the world who decide to relocate to Emirates and select Dubai as their destination place.
  • Growing economy of the region. Dubai achieved high status as one of the world’s business capitals and maintains it.
  • Wide range of home prices in Dubai and residential housing offers which provide almost everyone interested in buying property with suitable options.
  • Dubai’s authorities policy directed to increase non-native population by issuing residential visas to investors who are ready to pay top dollar to the municipal budget.

Thus, in 2023, the market of real estate in Dubai continues to grow, and compared to 2022, the growth of house prices in Dubai reached +3-5%.

Analytics forecast this trend to maintain in the recent few years, and this means that if you decide to buy property in Dubai, it is better not to wait long and plan the deal in the near future so as not to overpay for your investment.

Short Forecast for 2024: Will Home Prices in Dubai Tend to Grow?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a positive answer to the question “Will property prices fall in Dubai” as the peak of growth has not been overcome yet. At the same time, if you ask whether it is profitable to buy houses in Dubai in 2024, we can say, it is worth your consideration. Especially, due to a couple of reasons we are going to list below.

  • In 2024, prices will increase, but not dramatically. So, if you want to invest in property, it is better to do that now, not to wait until 2025.
  • Multiple attractive off-plan projects will be available to purchase in 2024, and several will be at the stage of commissioning, which makes them a good idea to invest in and lease them instantly.
  • In 2024, experts predict growth in Dubai housing rental rates up to 20%, so, it can be beneficial for investors to get new units and lease them for a higher price than in 2023.

What Expects the Market in 2025?

If you want to invest in real estate in 2025, you can be sure that the demand for it will still be high, and prices may tend to grow but not sky-high. If the governmental policy remains stable and investor-friendly, and global impact won’t shake the UAE economy, Dubai will remain the #1 choice for real estate investments. Besides, experts forecast widespread fintech innovations in the niche and the surge of crypto investments in Dubai housing, more blockchain-based transactions in the market, and thus, higher reliability of investments.

All this makes clear that the best time to invest in Dubai homes is now. Do not wait and manage your money thoughtfully. Berstoun Real Estate is your reliable ally to complete this mission and get maximum profit from real estate investments in the most spectacular city of the UAE.

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