Talking About Visas, Permits, and Rules for Abroad Property Buyers

Being a landlord in Dubai is twice as beneficial. Besides owning property in one of the most rapidly developing regions, you obtain a residence in the UAE. How can you get it and which rules are relevant for foreign investors in 2023? Read more in our article.

Which Visa Do You Need to Buy Property in Dubai

You can get a standard tourist visa to ensure you legally cross the border of the UAE, and it is also required to obtain the Emirates ID, an analog of an ID card, valid in the UAE.

Obtaining Dubai Property Visa: Which Rules Regulate Residential Permits for Offshore Investors

The golden visa which is provided for real estate investors in Dubai requires maintaining the following terms and conditions:

  • You have to buy a property for more than 2 million AED (equal to $545,000).
  • You have to buy off-plan property in Dubai for more than 2 million AED.
  • You have to own real estate in Dubai whose price is higher than 2 million AED.
  • The higher your investment in Dubai real estate, the longer your residence permit you get. Now 5-year and 10-year visas are provided.

The list of documents required for the application for a real estate visa in Dubai includes your Title Deed with the indicated price of more than 2 million AED, the UAE visa in your border pass, your Emirates ID, international and local health insurance policies, and an application form of a certain standard which should be submitted in Dubai immigration Al Jafiliya office.

The Main Benefits of Investor Visa in the UAE

By obtaining the golden residential visa as a prospective investor, you can get multiple benefits at once:

  • You get a visa for yourself and your family. For 5-year residence, you can apply for visas for your spouse and your children who are younger than 18 years old. For a 10-year permit, visas are provided for you, your spouse, your sons at the age younger than 25 years, and all your unmarried daughters no matter how old they are.
  • Real estate visa in Dubai allows an investor to get healthcare services and get education for their children with no additional visas.
  • With an investor’s residential permit, you and your family do not need to indicate a sponsor or an official employee. Instead, you become a sponsor for your family members, regardless of their age.
  • You get approval for a sponsorship of an unlimited number of domestic employees and guarantee them work permits.
  • You can live outside the UAE for 6 months per year without losing your residential visa’s validation.
  • Your family maintains their residential permits even if the primary holder of Golden Visa passes away.

As you can see, the process of obtaining a residential visa for investors is not a die-hard thing. Yet, the benefits of an investor visa in the UAE are numerous and provide you with the highest life quality and protection of the UAE government. So, applying for it is beneficial, and with Berstoun Real Estate, it is simple and trouble-free.

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